Winter Feeding

During the period May to October, Samos is very busy with visitors and tourists and many people on holiday can often be seen with a bag of cat food! Every local business and tarverns will be open and street cats find it easier to get food and water. Many local people who have summer houses also feed cats.

However, during the wintertime, street cats find it hard to find food and our volunteers in Samos take dry and wet food out to as many locations as possible, as donations allow. We feed where street cats can be found which is often (sadly) next to garbage areas in villages. We call these our “feeding stations”

Ideally, we would like to make these places official feeding places with signs and permanent feeding bowls, but at this time we fear a tiny minority of the local population that may poison street cats. We try to give food in clean dry areas but it is not always possible to provide feeding bowls.

We do not feed on private land, doorsteps, outside houses or vulnerable areas that may give greater risk to the street cats.

If you live in Samos, visit Samos or are on holiday in the wintertime, do let us know and we can tell you if we have a feeding station near you.