Stichting Cat Rescue Samos


The composition of the board of the Dutch charity “Stichting Cat Rescue Samos” is as follows:
D.J. Brandt, chairman.
S.A.H. Lauwers, treasurer.
Samos Katzenhilfe e.V., board member.

Postal address:
Stichting Cat Rescue Samos
Rijksweg Noord 101
6162 AE Geleen
The Netherlands

KvK-Nr. 67184634
RSIN 856866015

Our Intent

Our aim is to improve the daily lives of many thousands of street cats and kittens that live on the island through these objectives:
* Sterilising of street cats;
* Feeding of street cats  especially in wintertime;
* If possibloe, offering medical treatment to sick and injured street cats;
* Inform and educate the local population about cat care.
* Encourage cooperation with local authorities.

Policy plan

Can, in Dutch, be downloaded here:Beleidsplan CRS 2020

Remuneration policy

The board has no salary, no compensation and no rewards. All our volunteers are unpaid.

Annual reports

can be downloaded when available:
2017      2018     2019     2020