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Solveig Rundquist heeft Greek Cat Rescue Samos beoordeeld — 5 sterren
16 oktober

The word “shelter” doesn’t do it justice. You might be picturing rows of dimly-lit cages and lonely cats howling…but what Mike and his wife have built here is a cat utopia! About 150 cats live here in harmony. All of them have a story to tell – a story of hardship. Some were orphaned as kittens, some were hit by cars, some are missing one eye, others are missing two. Here at Cat Rescue Samos they are happy, healthy, and ready to find forever-homes … but in the meantime, they’re thriving in the cat community!

Go for a day to relax in cat paradise. Play with the kittens. Volunteer. Bring a cat (or two) home after your vacation. Or make a donation. If you’re a cat lover, you need to know about this place!

Profielfoto van Aline MarshallAline Marshall has reviewed Greek Cat Rescue Samos5 stars


What a WONDERFUL organisation. Mike and Eve – and all their volunteers – do an amazing job, relying on donations for ALL they provide at the shelter. How do they do it? When I visited, I saw sick cats, blind cats, old cats, young cats, many, many kittens – so many orphans who have to be bottle-fed every few hours – but what impressed me most was that all those cats were HAPPY cats. And it’s SO clean and tidy – what a job that must be with so many to look after. Mike seems to be multi-talented; he has built cat ‘houses’ that would sell for a lot of money in the pet shops! Eve is absolutely brilliant with the babies – and knows more about medicines than most people I have ever met! I learnt that they have a ‘team’ of volunteers that feed the street cats around the island too – this organisation is much more than just the cat shelter. That must cost a HUGE amount of money to feed all the homeless cats – but they somehow manage it. I would advise everyone to go and visit the shelter if they can – you will be amazed at the wonderful work that these people do for the cats of Samos. Well done to all – keep up the good work. All those cats would say a BIG thank you if only they could talk

Profielfoto van Francis van IerselFrancis van Iersel has reviewed Greek Cat Rescue Samos5 stars

My friend and I got the chance to come and help at the shelter for eight weeks, for our internship. We had an amazing time with Mike, Eve, Joke. They helped us with everything. It is amazing that we had the opportunity to come and help. We have seen cats grown and it was amazing. When we came for the first time there was a little kitten called Maska. After eight weeks looking after her she has grown in a beautiful cat. With here own personality. This work is so special. I have a lot of respect for the team! You are amazing! I can’t wait to come back next week! If you are looking for a internship go to this shelter! It is amazing!

A dream place for cats !! I spent some hours as a volunteer at the shelter and I really admired the people there and their great work for stray cats ! All the little friends are also lovely and each one has a special touching story. The most wild cat from the street became a loving teddy friend ! You have always a way to help them, just spare some time !


I know this is a legitimate organization and this once a tourist German couple is sent from heaven to help these poor animals for life… We have met them and seen the ranch they bought it for some of the most unfortunate cats to be rejuvenated back to life. Our short visit to Greece will never be the same.

There was this sweetest and sickest cat we laid eyes on in Samos was heart rendering; why not take care of the less fortunate and care about God’s creation that He entrusted us in the first place?

Well, we brought this cat after the vet visit to Mark and Eve on the brink of exhaustion, little did we know the poor little kitty that we thought we rescued is rescued us in turn. He was already dying and in fact, he died after being saved from a storm and food in his stomach, warm place to lay his head down and loving people that care about him in his dying days… I am grieved that we lost that beautiful angel!!! But I know there is an amazing volunteers like this wonderful couple who care about what actually happens to innocent animals. May God bless you all!

Ilias Sfikas has reviewed Greek Cat Rescue Samos5 stars

Fantastic! The shelter is actually a luxurious hotel for the cats! Very clean, lots of materials and facilities. All people who have worked in various ways on this project have made it an enormous success! Everyting is mostly based on voluntarism, so it’s up to us to keep it going. Definitely worth visting and supporting!

Cecilie Jensen has reviewed Greek Cat Rescue Samos5 stars

We ran into a family who had adopted two cats from Samos, and they knew about Mike and his shelter, so my family and I decided to find this shelter. Then we found it, Mike started showing us around the shelter, and it was so amazing. The way he and his wife take care of these cats, is just so fantastic, you can really see that he really loves to do it. He almost told us about all the cats, their name and their story, it was amazing. We told him about Baby and that we wanted to adopt her, so he told us everything we needed to know.

After one week Mike wrote to me, that he had news, but he didn’t say if it was good or bad news, so I was worried that something bad had happened to Baby. But it was something amazing that had happened, Baby had given birth to a little baby. I was so happy for her. And I know that Baby and her baby will be taken good care of, because she is with Mike.
Thank you for all you have done Mike:)

Michelle Whot has reviewed Greek Cat Rescue Samos5 stars

They got hearts of gold and the shelter is so nice and a heaven for street cats!


Lange Poten has reviewed Greek Cat Rescue Samos5 stars

Dear All,

I visited Greek Cat Rescue last week and i was so happy to see what a great place it is. The volunteers are working with so much love and dedication, all for the best of the cats. I have so much respect for you all!!!

The cats seem to realize they are in a safe place where they are fed and, if necessary, medical cared every day because ther are so relaxed and friendly. The place is just full of love.

Sati P. Lucas has reviewed Greek Cat Rescue Samos5 stars

Meeting Mike, Eve and Joke with all the cats at Greek Rescue, has been one of the most rewarding experiences in my life.
They really know what they do, their hearts are wide open for our feline companions and I will do what I can to support them, I hope you do too!!!
I stayed 3 weeks at the shelter helping out and challenge you to to something similar <3
Make a difference for some that can not help them selves!

Ralf Mischke has reviewed Greek Cat Rescue Samos5 stars

Two cats from the Greek Cat Rescue shelter …
we are happy about SNOWFLAKE and of GARFIELD
and of course … when we want to get another cat …
we will take it from Samos … from “Mikes happy cat world” !!


Corina Hiller has reviewed Greek Cat Rescue Samos5 stars

We visited this place today and found a nice and friendly couple totally dedicated to their task of sheltering cats

The place was in great shape, clean despite the fact of 131 cats lingering around and there was enough food and medicine available for the cats. They are depending on donations , sponsorships of cats and adoption is also possible in most cases.
If you are a cat lover and visit Samos , we recommend you come around and check this place out

Every support is appreciated, please make a DONATION!