A total of 257 cats were spayed (156) or neutered (101) in eight days. But not only that. There was ear cleaning, treatment for ear infections, ear amputations for cancer, eyelid surgery, multiple dental treatments and extractions, and some other “little” things. This project was only possible because Tierhilfe KOS and Samos Katzenhilfe e.V. – Cat Rescue Samos together paid all expenses. Thanks to the veterinarians Yolande, Dirk and Anja. They did a great job! There is a lot of work to be done before and after the operation. Thank you so much Sabine, Manuela, Truus, Christa, Tina, Stella, Anna and Brigitte. What great teamwork🙏!

In addition, there would have been no project without the enormous commitment and help of “Streetcats of Samos”, the organization on the island with which we work very closely. All preparations, the execution, the handling of all matters after the project are therefore done. Kudos to Joke, the indispensable pivot! Support the “streetcats of Samos” with a teaming donation, only 1 euro per month! Go to teaming! And take a look at the Facebook site: streetcats of samos.

During a project you need cars for transport. Thank you Rent a car Samos – Evelin for offering two cars free of charge for eight days! Your address for car rental on Samos!

No project without cats! Many people there have provided time and energy to bring cats. Thank you! Last but not least, we should be very grateful for a veterinarian on Samos who understands that there is a need for mass sterilizations and wants to support them. Thank you so much Antonis Karaminas for the use of your beautiful practice space! Together we can make a difference! Please support us. Go to our DONATION PAGE Without your help we are nowhere!

Adonis, the local veterinarian with a part of the team.
Free transport thanks to Evelin Rent-a-Car!

Busy preparing the patients.
The beautiful surgery of the practice.
The recovery room