Our Charity

We are an international partnership of our charities in Germany (Samos Katzenhilfe e.V.) and the Netherlands (Cat Rescue Samos Foundation).

All our work and sterilization actions on the island of Samos would not be possible without much needed donations and funds.

We have two clear main goals:
* Sterilization of the street cats on Samos.
* Provide winter feedings to the street cats in as many places as possible.

To reach these objectives we need several continuous activities:

* Organizing and conducting sterilization actions on Samos with the help of many local and international volunteers.
* Inform and educate the local population about the keeping and care of cats.
* Stimulating cooperation with local authorities.

All of our goals and activities are funded by donations. Everything from cleaning supplies to (sometimes expensive) sterilizations and medicines; we always need your support! Every donation, small or large, helps us and makes our work possible, 365 days a year.

Help us keep helping! Donate today!