Our Charity

We are an international co-operation of charities in Greece (Greek Cat Rescue), in Germany (Samos Katzenhilfe e.V) and in the Netherland (Stichting Cat Rescue Samos).

We have four clear objectives:

* Sterilisation of street cats in Samos.
* Medical treatment for sick and injured street cats and care of street cats, including feeding and lodging if necessary.
* Wintertime feeding of street cats in as many places as possible.
* Adoption of ex rescue cats to new homes in Samos and Europe

To reach these objectives we need several continuous activities:

* Running our shelter to provide a safe environment for specific cats that have been rescued and cannot be returned to a life on the streets.
* Informing and education of local population in Samos about cat care.
* Stimulate cooperation with the local authorities.

All of these objectives and activities have to be funded, everything from cleaning materials to expensive veterinary costs and medications; we always need help. Every donation, big or small, helps us to keep on doing our work 365 days a year. Help us to keep helping!

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