Dutch Team

Meet the Dutch Team!

The Dutch team is a group of volunteers who initially all went on holiday to Samos. There we came into contact with the cats of the island. We started with a day of help, which was getting more and more and ended up spending most of our time on Samos there. Nowadays we usually go to Samos once or twice a year, and sometimes more often, at our own expense.

But we also realized that fundamental support is needed. The help on Samos cannot function independently, there is simply not enough money for that.

In the new “Cat Rescue Samos Foundation” we are working hard in the Netherlands to obtain much needed donations, funds and sponsors. We work together with some Dutch companies and other foundations to send the necessary food transports and supplies to the shelter on Samos.

We try to draw attention to our work at local markets and fairs and to recruit new sponsors. We also sell all kinds of nice items, beautiful cat photos and we have a webshop. Every year we also organize an auction via Facebook:  CLICK FOR AUCTION! We are all very fond of all Samos cats and our beautiful partnership!