The lifeline of our charity!

There are many ways you can help us continue our work for the street cats, even if you have never visited Greece or even Samos. All of our work is based on donations. Everything, from cleaning materials, through food to veterinary expenses – everything we do can only be undertaken with the help of our supporters!

Cat Rescue Samos works with unpaid volunteers only. Every donation, no matter how small, can change lives and is very much appreciated.

Here are some ways you can help Cat Rescue Samos:

  • One Time Donation – you can donate through Paypal or Bank Transfer. Please CLICK HERE to go to our donation page.
  • Become a “Supporter” – by making a regular monthly donation of your choice. Please CLICK HERE to go to the Supporter Page.
  • We need helping hands and flight escorts too – please email us if you are planning a visit to Samos, click the mail button!
  • If you prefer to donate in other ways, we always need medications, food and cat based products (such as beds, blankets, toys, treats etc) to use at our shelter. Please email us and we can help you organise much needed food orders via and also transport of items to Greece. We have a special deal with Zooplus so you can buy supplies for us at wholesale prices. This can give your donation an extra value! We also have a sponsored transport to Greece to bring your materials to Samos. For email click the mail button!