Contact Us

You can contact us for any question you might have by clicking the mailbox! Or send us a message on Facebook!
We do not have a telephone at the shelter, to contact the shelter for emergencies you must send a message on Messenger or Facebook!

We can inform you if you :
* would like to know more about donations.
* would like to have information on how to support our work.
* want to become a sponsor.
* have some thing(s) you would like to donate? Every toy counts!
* want to personally help in Samos.
* offer us help and assistance in your own country.
* like to participate in one of our sterilisation projects.

(Be advised: this contact is NOT for emergency problems!)

E mail address:

Would you like to come by the shelter? We are located near the airport of Samos, see these maps:


You can’t miss us!

From Mai till September opened daily from 15.00-18.00

Would you rather use the post?

Postal Addresses:

In Samos:

Greek Cat Rescue Samos
Old Three Brothers Taverna
(near Airport}
83100 Pythagorio

In Germany:

Samos Katzenhilfe e.V,
Scheibelleithe 22
91080 Marloffstein

In The Netherlands:

Stichting Cat Rescue Samos
Rijksweg Noord 101
6162 AE  Geleen
The Netherlands