Cat Care

Veterinary Care

Many street cats in Samos suffer from health problems, such as inflammations or infections, wounds, eye infection and (hereditary) eye abnormalities, bone fractures, cat flu, weakness and exhaustion. Many animals are victims to the traffic, wandering on the streets as they have no own home. We help as many cats as we can, depending on our resources, means and money. We also bring cats to the local veterinarian, Adonis, if they need his professional help.


Shelter for the sick and weak cats on Samos

Since 2012, we have had a shelter in Samos and during early 2015, we moved our operations to a new, bigger purpose built shelter facility where we can take care of rescue cats that need on-going support and medication as well as orphan kittens. We are very proud of our shelter but we have many improvements to make and projects in mind. Now we are able to welcome visitors (tourists and local people) to come and see our work on the front line!