Our  calendar 2020 can now be ordered!

Available now – limited edition!

From now on our calendar 2020 is available. Beginning with the month of October this year, for 15 months, the Calendar features beautiful photos of cats living in our shelter or on the streets of Samos.

With the purchase of this great cat calendar you support the projects of Cat Rescue Samos. All proceeds from the sale go 100% in our work with the street cats and the cats in our shelter in Samos.

You can order your calendar from today for only 12 EUR (plus shipping) – Shipping costs are € 1,50 within Germany and € 3,80 in all other countries.

You can order by transferring to one of our accounts. Please give as your intended use your address and the keyword “calendar” (possibly also the number). You will receive your calendar within a few days.

Samos Katzenhilfe e.V., Germany
IBAN: DE64 7609 0400 0000 3069 32

Stichting Cat Rescue Samos
IBAN: NL04 TRIO 0338 5464 56


We thank Ms. Sabine Michel from Gutenberg Druck-Medien for the professional finish, which makes this calendar a beautiful and valuable gift again this year.