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Welcome to Cat Rescue Samos

We are an international co-operation of our charities in Greece (Greek Cat Rescue), in Germany (Samos Katzenhilfe e.V) and in the Netherlands (Stichting Cat Rescue Samos).

Our work is maintaining our shelter in Samos and care for the many thousand of street cats that inhabit the island. To make this possible  we have four clear main objectives:

  1. Sterilising of street cats in Samos.
  2. Offering medical treatment for sick and injured street cats.
  3. Wintertime feeding of street cat cats in as many places as possible.
  4. Arranging adoption of ex rescue cats to new homes in Samos and Europe.

To accomodate these main objectives, we also need to comply to the secondary objectives, which are:

  • Running and/or supporting the shelter to provide a safe environment for specific cats that have been rescued and cannot be returned to a life on the streets.
  • Information and education of local people in Samos about cat care.
  • Stimulate cooperation with the local authorities.

All of these objectives have to be funded, everything from cleaning materials through to expensive veterinary expenses and medications and we always need help. All of our work and the existence of our shelter in Samos would not be possible without much need donations and funding. Every donation, big or small, helps us to keep on doing our work 365 days a year. Help us to keep helping!

Make a donation today!

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