Welcome to Cat Rescue Samos!

We are a two international charities working together to improve the lives of the thousands of street cats in Greece and the island of Samos in Greece. Everything is purely volunteer work and is made possible through donations, gifts and the work of volunteers.
Since 2019 we are no longer associated with the shelter on the island, they are an independent Greek institute now.

Take a look around our website for all the information available and think about an opportunity to give us a hand or to make a donation.

Auction Starts April 1st!
Really and truly. You can now go and bid on our facebook page for the auction of lots of nice stuff for the cats of samos! Everything goes 100% to Cat rescue Samos, but now we also donate 1 euro for every item that is auctioned to help the animals in Ukraine. So, the more you buy, the more you help them too. Go for it!

NOTE: As of March 2020 we have decided to make major changes to our organisation! Also regarding donations and sponsors, read about it on this page: