Cat Rescue Samos does not make every cat that lives on the street available for adoption. We care for a number of ex rescue cats every day at our shelter that we think would make ideal pets in forever homes. We have a number of Foster Homes (run by our volunteers) where we keep cats that need extra care.

Only cats over 4 months of age that are healthy can be adopted. We can obviously only know about any current medical conditions and cannot be responsible for any future illness or poor health.

We list the cats we have available for adoption on our web pages and on Facebook. Every cat has a fact sheet where we detail all the things you may need to know including character, type of home required etc.

A Pet Passport is a legal requirement for any cats traveling between countries in the EU. Therefore, cats traveling from Samos to other countries must be issued with a valid Pet Passport before it can travel. The Passport includes the microchip number, the new owners personal details, records of vaccinations, examinations and treatments.

A “Flight Escort” is the person who will escort the cat for the journey to the destination airport. Normally, we arrange and find the escort and ask them to take the cat within their flight booking.